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Faculty Mentor

Kira Mauseth

Faculty Editor

Michael Spinetta

Student Editor

Sena Crow


Psychedelics show increasing therapeutic potential in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and addiction. This paper reviews literature related to the research of various psychedelic compounds for use in psychotherapy—beginning in 1962 with early studies of these compounds, and continuing through 2016—and looks at more contemporary studies that have revitalized the research and expanded from the foundation laid down by earlier work. This review emphasizes key findings related to the treatment of various mental health conditions, and offers additional perspectives regarding the implications of these findings. An introduction to the history of research regarding the therapeutic use of psychedelics, a general overview of psychedelics and their methods of action, and an examination of the therapeutic use of psychedelics in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and addiction is provided. Results are promising for fast-acting and long-lasting therapeutic outcomes and indicate that more research on the therapeutic role of psychedelics is warranted.