Submission Guidelines and Information

Who can submit?

Any student of Seattle University in good academic standing may submit to any subject section of the journal. Students in any year of their program may submit; in addition, we will accept submissions from students who have graduated up to one year prior to the deadline, provided that they submit work produced while they were enrolled at Seattle University, and conforming to requirements, below.

What may be submitted?

Students may submit to any section of the journal (see About the Journal for descriptions of each subject). Manuscripts submitted for consideration must have been written no more than 3 quarters prior to the deadline (Winter, Spring, or Summer quarters of the same calendar year or Fall quarter of the previous calendar year). Only work produced while the student is enrolled at Seattle University may be submitted. Only one submission per student will be accepted.

Manuscript Preparation Instructions

Faculty Mentor Form

Before you submit your essay manuscript, you must have your faculty mentor fill out the faculty mentor form. We will not accept submissions without the faculty mentor form. Click on “Faculty Mentor Form” on the right-hand menu of this page.

Blind Review

You must prepare your manuscript so that it does not contain your name anywhere on the document itself. Other portions of your application will contain your name and contact information, but the manuscript itself should be anonymous.

Formatting requirements

You will fill out the online application on this submission portal, upload a copy of your manuscript in DOC or DOCX format.

Please double-space your manuscript and use a 12-point font, with 1-inch margins for everything including notes and captions.

Students should consult with their faculty mentors on a style appropriate to the discipline or field of research (please choose from APA, CSE, or MLA). Generally, you will use the system employed by the field for which you are writing. Consult the style guide and apply it consistently and correctly throughout the paper and the bibliography. If the essay uses another style (e.g. Chicago), this must be changed before submission. Refer to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab for assistance with style guide.


The submission portal will instruct you to provide a 250-word abstract according to your discipline’s protocols. For further information about abstracts, refer to the Writing Centers at Universities of North Carolina and Wisconsin.

Figures, Images and Embedded Files

Images should be at least 150dpi, preferably in PNG, TIFF, or JPEG format. Photos, pictures, graphs, figures and tables should conform to your disciplinary specifics, and can either be embedded in the manuscript, follow at the end of the manuscript, or be attached as files with your documents. The author may use audio and/or video files that support the text. These should conform to your disciplinary specifics, and can either be embedded in the manuscript, follow at the end of the manuscript, or be attached as files with your documents.

Authors must hold or obtain copyright permission for all images and other media. All photos, pictures, graphs, figures and embedded files must be titled or captioned.


Manuscripts are due Friday, October 25, 2024, at 11:59pm. They may be submitted electronically to the SUURJ website at https://scholarworks.seattleu.edu/suurj. Click on “Submit Article” on the right-hand menu of this page.

Students who submit must be able to commit to a review and revision process during winter quarter, with a final proof review due at the end of winter quarter.


All works published in SUURJ are subject to Seattle University’s Intellectual Property and Copyright Policies. (For the complete policy, click Copyright Ownership Policy) Pursuant to this policy, the copyright for materials published in SUURJ is wholly owned by the author(s) unless the work is subject to terms of any applicable Sponsored project. By submitting the work for publication to SUURJ, the author consents to having the work publicly available through the university’s institutional repository. There will be no payment of royalties or other fees to the author(s). If an author’s work has been supported by project funding, prior approval of the Office of and Sponsored Projects (OSP) is required for publication in SUURJ. For questions regarding SU’s Intellectual Property and Copyright Policies, please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Human Subjects Documentation

For any submission involving interviews, focus groups, surveys, or other interactions with human subjects, a student must provide all supporting correspondence—including approval—between the Institutional Review Board (IRB), student researcher, and faculty advisor. You may need to contact your faculty member to provide this correspondence and approval.

How to Submit

From the right-hand menu on this page:

  • Click on “Submit Article.”
  • You will see a Login screen. Click the "Sign-Up" button to create a ScholarWorks account. Your SU credentials will not work to log into this site.
  • Once you have an account, you will be directed to enter author information.
  • On the next page, you will be directed to confirm whether you are sole author, or whether there are additional authors.
  • On the next page, you will be directed to enter information about your manuscript, including your abstract.
  • On that same page, you will see a link you can copy and send to your Faculty Mentor to fill out and submit. This online form is a recent change, so if you already downloaded the old PDF form and sent it to your Faculty Mentor, you can mail the completed form to SUURJ@seattleu.edu.
  • On that same page, you will be directed to upload your completed application.