Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content can I add to ScholarWorks?

ScholarWorks collects the scholarly and creative work of Seattle University, as well as archival items and unique holdings of intuitional value. Visit our Policies page for detailed information on our current collection priorities.

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Who can add their work to ScholarWorks?

  • Seattle University faculty and staff
  • Seattle University schools, departments, programs, or other units
  • Seattle University students and student organizations, with sponsorship of a faculty or staff member

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Who can read deposited work?

ScholarWorks materials are made available to the public. If you wish to contribute material that you feel must be restricted for a limited period of time, please contact

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Can I limit access to my content to Seattle University users only?

It is not currently possible to restrict materials only to Seattle University users.

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What about copyright?

In order to contribute material to ScholarWorks, you must own or control the copyright to the material or have obtained permission from the copyright holder to add it to ScholarWorks. The ScholarWorks team will review the copyright status of previously published works as part of the submission process and will assist in determining whether your publisher will permit the work to be posted to an institutional repository.

Prior to your material being uploaded, you will be asked to grant Seattle University a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to indicate that you are willing to allow the ScholarWorks team to use the material for the purpose of preserving and making your work available on the repository. This means that you cannot withdraw permission for ScholarWorks to include the material in the repository, but that you (or the copyright holder) retain your rights in the material and may allow it to appear on other websites or publications.

Please contact Rochelle Lundy at with questions or concerns about copyright and ScholarWorks.

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How can I create a new collection for my college, school, department, center, institute, or office?

Collections are added to ScholarWorks as work from Seattle University units is deposited. Follow our submission procedures to contribute your work and start a new collection for your college, school, department, center, institute, or office.

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Where can I find works from Seattle University's School of Law?

Work reflecting the scholarship, activities, publications, and history of the School of Law are available in the Seattle University School of Law Digital Commons repository.

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Can I withdraw my content from ScholarWorks?

ScholarWorks is a permanent repository and content will be removed only in exceptional circumstances. Removal requests may be submitted to

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My question isn't answered here. Where can I find more information?

More detailed information is available on our Policies page. Please contact Rochelle Lundy at with additional questions.

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