About the Journal


SUURJ was developed to highlight the research achievements of Seattle University undergraduate students through a peer-reviewed online publication. It is also designed to provide an editorial apprenticeship experience for students through a credit-bearing program that trains students to share stewardship of the journal. Research includes any original quantitative or qualitative work that a student has conducted during their academic studies. This includes theoretical works, policy analyses, research-based editorial pieces, Core writing, and other modes. If you are unsure whether your work qualifies, please consult your faculty mentor or contact us.

SUURJ is a joint project of the College of Arts and Sciences, the English Department, the Office of Sponsored Research Programs, and the office of the Provost. The online journal is published annually, in May of each year.


Editors will take one 5-credit pedagogy class in fall to train them in the skills needed to form and edit an interdisciplinary journal. They will take part in the selection of essays and projects for that year’s issue. In winter, they will apply to take a 2-credit practicum class in which they edit the selected manuscripts, together with faculty content reviewers. In spring, they will take a 3-credit practicum class in which they design, publish, and market the online issue of the journal.

Contributors’ essays will undergo a content and style editorial process during winter of each year. During this term, contributors will meet in person with two members of our team. The first meeting is with a faculty peer reviewer to strengthen the content areas of their manuscript. The second meeting is with a student editor to strengthen the style areas of the project.

Organizational Structure

Short Communications — this part of the journal is intended primarily, though not exclusively, for the science and social science disciplines. It will consist of early data, initial findings, or other brief interventions into a field of inquiry. We prefer a maximum 4,000 word count for manuscript submissions.

Core Writing — this portion is devoted to research-based core writing. Any writing assignment from a Core class of any module, as long as it is researched-based, is eligible. For the purposes of this section, students need not be experts (majors) in the fields for which they are writing. We prefer a maximum 4,000 word count for manuscript submissions.

Full-Length Research Articles — this section is dedicated to full-length research projects in any discipline. These might be final essays for a class, a capstone project, and independent study, or multi-authored papers, as long as the student contributor is first author. We prefer a 6,000-word count for manuscript submissions.