Lauren Lau

Faculty Mentor

Dan Smith, PhD

Faculty Editor

Dan Smith, PhD

Student Editor

Julia Borello


Streptococcus mutans are bacteria found in the mouth that are primarily responsible for dental caries (cavity) formation. Previous research has found that the essential oil of turmeric and polyphenols of cocoa inhibit the biofilm formation and growth of S. mutans (Lee et al. 2011; Percival et al. 2006). This project investigates the replication of turmeric and cocoa data with the use of store-bought spices rather than extraction, and expands existing research to include the effect of other spices on the growth and biofilm formation of S. mutans. We found ginger to inhibit the growth of S. mutans, while cocoa and cinnamon inhibit both growth and biofilm formation. Turmeric and cardamom had no effect on growth or biofilm formation.