From the Office of Fellowships and Student Research

Student Research Project Grants

Student Research Project Grants support activities where students incur expenses directly related to conducting research. This might include travel to present at or attend a conference, a trip to an archive or field site to conduct research, expenses for a community outreach project, research-related supplies, or other opportunities. If there is a measurable outcome directly related to your education at Seattle U, the grants program may be for you.

This year, departments, centers, offices, student groups, programs and other SU entities may apply to Student Research to fund a student or students for a particular opportunity, or to propose an event or other research-based project in which students are the direct, primary beneficiaries.

SUURA: Seattle University Undergraduate Research Association Conference

SUURA is an annual celebration of student research that will take place on May 31, 2019. Undergraduate students in all disciplines and in the Core are eligible to submit and present their research. Students may be nominated by their faculty to present, may be asked to present as part of their major requirements, or may self-select to present individually or in research pairs or groups.

Presentations may take the form of:

  • Paper Presentations: 15-20 minute oral presentations on research projects with time allotted for a question and answer session.
  • Posters: Visual presentations of completed research or research in progress.
  • Roundtables: An informal academic discussion upon a specific research topic, lead by a presenter and open to participant feedback and input.
  • Creative Projects: a presentation of your creative work.

SUURJ: Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal

SUURJ was developed to highlight the research achievements of Seattle University undergraduate students through a peer-reviewed online publication. It is also designed to provide an editorial apprenticeship experience for students through a credit-bearing program that trains students to share stewardship of the journal. Research includes any original quantitative or qualitative work that a student has conducted during their academic studies. This includes theoretical works, policy analyses, research-based editorial pieces, Core writing, and other modes.