Guidelines for Students and Evaluation Criteria

Reflective Statement
Your Reflective Statement carries the most weight in evaluating your application for the Undergraduate Research Award and is your opportunity to share the variety of sources, services and strategies you employed in order to be successful in your research project. Consider the questions below as your write your statement (not all will necessarily apply).

  • How did you make particularly good use of resources in your project?
  • What research skills have you developed that helped you to effectively seek, navigate and apply information to produce meaningful work?
  • How did you seek assistance from others (faculty, peers, university resources) as needed in order to do your best work and grow as a scholar?
  • In what ways has your use of library and learning commons services (Writing Center, Media Production Center, Learning Assistance Programs, Math Lab, Research & Information Services) supported your learning?
  • How are your methods and resources relevant to your discipline(s)?
  • How have you been self-reflective in your research and writing processes?
  • What challenges or barriers did you face while completing your project? How did you readjust your research strategy to overcome them?

URA Evaluation Rubric
The Undergraduate Research Award evaluation rubric highlights the elements the committee will consider in evaluating applications.

SU URA Evaluation Rubric

The application elements are weighted in this way:

  • Reflective Statement - 25 points
  • Research Project - 15 points
  • Bibliography of resources used - 10 points
    (50 points total)