Submission Guidelines

SUURA Presentations may take the form of:

  • Paper Presentations: 15-20 minute oral presentations on research projects with time allotted for a question and answer session.
  • Posters: Visual presentations of completed research or research in progress.
  • Roundtables: An informal academic discussion upon a specific research topic, led by a moderator and open to participant feedback and input.
  • Creative Projects: a presentation of your creative work.

Students can propose an individual presentation (including research pairs), a panel or session.

Faculty mentors can propose an individual student presentation, one or more panels with 3-5 presenters, or entire sessions.

SUURA Submission Instructions

  1. Click on: Submit Application.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Once you are signed in, agree to the terms.
  4. Select:
    Individual presentation (including research pairs)
    Panel or session (faculty organized)
    Panel or session (student organized)
  5. Select:
    other (fill in)
  6. Type in the presentation title or titles
  7. Faculty mentor info requires: Faculty name, email, department.
  8. Availability: Note: the submission form asks students to check times that work both for them and for their faculty mentor; be sure to gather availabilities for all of your presenters and mentors before you submit.
  9. Abstract: Type in your abstract of not more than 250 words here. Please enter one abstract for each of your presenters. Please note: these abstracts are for internal use only and will not be published. For samples of abstracts please visit:
  10. IRB approval: Yes or No. 
    Note: IRB approval refers to those projects that do research with human subjects. If you are unsure whether your project needed and received IRB approval or not, it probably didn’t! But check with your professor if in doubt!

If you check yes for IRB approval, you will upload your IRB approval verification documents.