Faculty and Staff Contributions

Faculty and staff of Seattle University are invited to submit their work to ScholarWorks.

The ScholarWorks team will assist you in contributing to the repository, handling the upload of materials on your behalf. To get started, simply submit a copy of your CV or the specific items you wish to contribute through the ScholarWorks submission form.

What happens after I submit my CV or materials?

The ScholarWorks team will review your works to assess whether there are any copyright or permissions concerns with uploading your materials to the repository. For items that have been previously published, this includes reviewing publisher policies regarding deposit of materials to an institutional repository. This process may take 6-10 weeks depending on the current volume of submissions. Following this review, we will let you know what materials can be immediately posted to ScholarWorks.

Will you deposit all my materials?

We will endeavor to add all your materials to ScholarWorks, but may be limited by publisher policies. Some publishers may not allow the published version of an article to be deposited to an institutional repository but will permit deposit of non-final versions. As a result, we may ask if you have retained non-final versions of your publications. These could include the “pre-print” (the article as originally submitted for publication) and/or the “post-print” (the article as revised to incorporate feedback from peer reviewers or an editor but not formatted or branded for publication).

Student Contributions

ScholarWorks welcomes contributions authored by Seattle University students with the sponsorship of a faculty or staff member.

Students may submit materials using the ScholarWorks submission form and ask their faculty or staff sponsor to complete the sponsorship agreement form. If a submission has multiple student authors, every student author must complete the submission form to indicate their agreement to the submission being made publicly available online.