Includes notes, drafts, essays, plays, poems and manuscripts primarily written by Standing. The series contains manuscript drafts of various religious and educational essays and draft chapters from two of Standing’s books, The Montessori Method and The Child in The Church. Also included within this series is Indian Twilight which is an unpublished 4-volume chronicle of Standing’s years as a Montessori tutor for the Saharabai family in India (circa 1920-1925). Included are reprints of Standing’s letters documenting his experiences, photographs of the people and architecture of India before its independence from England; and brief references to conversations with Mahatma Gandhi who was a close friend and neighbor of the Saharabai family. The items within this series are arranged by sub-series, by author and in chronological order.


Browse the Series II: Literary Productions, ca. 1919-1979; n.d. Collections:

Chapter Outline Drafts, ca. 1957

Diaries, 1962-ca.1965

Lecture Outlines, 1962-ca.1963; n.d., Edwin Mortimer Standing, ca.1963; n.d.

Manuscript Fragments, n.d., Edwin Mortimer Standing, n.d.

Manuscripts, ca. 1921-ca.1966; n.d., Edwin Mortimer Standing

Notebooks, ca. 1929-1940; n.d. [E.M.S.]

Notecards n.d.

Notes, ca. 1929-1948

Notes, Uncredited [E.M.S.]

Other Authors and Uncredited Manuscript Fragments, n.d.

Plays, ca. 1925-1931 [E.M.S.]

Poems, n.d. [E.M.S.]

Sketchbook and Sketches, n.d.

Transcripts, n.d.