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Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Mini-Grant Award

Characterization of the Bacterial BREX Phage Restriction System

Characterizing the Tidal Disruption of Inner Galaxy Globular Cluster

Coding of Auditory Space in the Avian Brain

Collaborative Research: Efficacy of Macroethics Education in Engineering

Collaborative Research: Nonlinear Waves and Vorticity in Oceanic Flows

Collaborative Research: RUI: Data-Driven Analysis, Modeling, and Design of Off-Grid Power Systems on Tribal Lands

Collaborative Research: Water Waves - Nonlinearity, Dissipation, and Forcing

Collegiate Wind Competition

CRII: HCC: RUI: Visualization-Based Multimodal Data Analysis for Qualitative Research

Developing a Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectrometry (LIBS)-Based Method for Quantitation of Diesel Particulate Matter

Development of an Internet of Things (IoT)-Based Innovation Lab

EAGER: Exploring Phylogenetic Diversification of Phycodnaviruses Across Aquatic Ecosystems in the Puget Sound Region

Evolutionary Genetics and Ecological Adaptation to Climate Change in Species of the Green Algae Micra

From Microscale Structure to Population Coding of Normal and Learned Sound Localization

Geometric Flows for Asymptotically Hyperbolic and Edge Metrics

How do Heme-Containing Enzymes Adapt to Cold Temperatures? Comparative Study of Thermodynamic Parameters of Folding for Heme Peroxidases from a Cold-Adapted and a Temperate Ocean Diatom

Identifying Molecular Mechanisms of Lactobacillus Colonization in the Vaginal Microbiome

Impact of Age on Cardiac Adaptation and Exercise-Mediated Cardioprotection

Impact: Redefining Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty

Investigations of East African Green Coffees Affected by Potato Taste Defect

IUSE/PFE:RED Revolutionizing Engineering Education through Industry Immersion and a Focus on Identity

Knot Theory Collaboration

LEAPS-MPS: Emergent Mechanics of a Living Material

Lynwood W. Swanson Science Research Award

MAA FOCUS Editorship

Measuring Wildlife Responses to an Urban Landscape

Methodology for the Synthesis of Structurally Homogeneous N-Linked Glycopeptides

Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

RUI: Hadron Structure and Interactions

RUI: Hadron Structure and Interactions (2020)

RUI: Search for Non-Newtonian Gravity Using a High-Sensitivity Torsion Balance at Seattle University

RUI: SG: Collaborative Research: Phylogenomics and diversification of the snapping shrimp genus Alpheus

RUI: Structural and Enumerative Problems on Simplicial Complexes

Start-Up Grant for New Physics Faculty

Syntheses, Crystal Structures, Mossbauer Effect Spectroscopy and Reactivity of Novel Multi-Layer Organometallic Complexes

West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar