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Latin America


This thesis addresses the gaps in México City between legislation (state, national, and international ) and daily trans experiences of social exclusion, economic exclusion, and violence. The focus of this project is on trans people in México City, with a focus on trans women sex workers. I use the word trans to refer to travesti, transgender, and transsexual people as well as all those whose gender identity is different than that which they were assigned at birth (this includes trans women, trans men, and trans nonbinary people). My focus on trans women sex workers includes people who were assigned male at birth and who identify as women, regardless of official documentation. The trans population as a whole in México City continues to face marginalization along social and economic lines, despite the fact that México City contains vanguard trans protections and legislation--anti-discrimination legislation, hate crime legislation, and gender documentation legislation. The most socially and economically marginalized sector of the México City trans population, trans women sex workers, and experience violence at high rates.