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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Viviane S Lopuch

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Colette Taylor

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Trenia Walker


Public higher education institutions (HEIs) are responsible for ensuring that all students achieve their educational goals with respect and dignity. Faculty cultural competency preparedness is an essential professional development measure that HEI leaders can take to provide ongoing support to faculty not representative of the student demographic in their knowledge and understanding of working with diverse student groups. This study examined the literature on faculty diversity preparedness relevant to campus diversity initiatives and the presence of elements of critical andragogy, such as critical self-reflection, reflexivity, and life-long learner mindset in faculty professional development material and faculty’s reflection of such PD programs. This study, which explored the published research on faculty cultural competency professional development in the US over the last 20 years, found that while diversity-related professional development opportunities are available to faculty, it is either voluntary and requires faculty to do it on their own time, is a few hours or half day event without follow up, or it conflicts with multiple other priorities such as teaching or research. Additionally, a significant discovery was the limitations and barriers faculty face in pursuing professional development related to DEI and fear of backlash for pursuing their interest in DEI-related PD when the other departmental members were focused on different topics on what to teach versus how to teach. Teaching and learning are lifelong efforts to stay relevant, and faculty also need a sense of connection and belonging to prevent burnout. Future research should focus on a wide-scale data-driven initiative for faculty DEI PD.