Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)

First Advisor

Deanna J. Sands

Second Advisor

Brendon Taga

Third Advisor

James Willette


This inquiry employed a convergent mixed-methods case study through a collaborative partnership with a College of Education at a private, West Coast Jesuit university. The study’s purpose was to interrogate recruitment and admission policies and practices of a Student Affairs graduate program to determine the extent to which they did or did not align with equity- and justice-oriented principles. The Education Deans for Justice and Equity framework, Critical Race Theory, and Social Reproduction Theory served as the conceptual and theoretical frameworks for this study. Research participants were employees and students associated with the program and its recruitment and admissions processes. Data collection involved interviews, focus groups, artifacts, and electronic surveys. Data analyses revealed four overarching themes: (1) recognition of mission-driven philosophy, (2) integration of practices to values, (3) expansion of fiscal resources, and (4) development of human capital. Recruitment recommendations included: (a) implement a graduate enrollment management plan; (b) collaborating with key stakeholders to develop policies and clear role responsibilities; (c) expanding and diversifying recruitment and outreach strategies; (d) using CRM data to leverage a return on investment of recruitment activities; and, (e) updating recruitment imagery on printed and digital materials Admissions recommendations included: (a) articulation of the true costs of college attendance before and after the application of financial assistance; (b) clarifying and strengthening graduate assistantship and internship structures; (c) conducting a regular program assessment to strengthen equity and justice-oriented goals; (d) developing intentional collaborative practices across university departments; and, (d) implementing a developmental process to support applicants through the graduate admission process.