Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)

First Advisor

Trenia Walker

Second Advisor

Colette M. Taylor

Third Advisor

Shomari Jones


Dr. Ladson-Billings has reframed the commonly understood achievement gap as an education debt that is owed to all students, especially Black and Brown students. Research suggests the difference in achievement as measured by assessment, attendance, and graduation is marked by racial lines. One-way school districts have tried to address race-based injustices is by providing equity-focused professional development (PD) for district employees. This is a qualitative critical case study focused on understanding how a school district located in Western, Washington is working toward creating a more equitable education for all students. The research team used components of an equity audit to analyze the alignment of the current recommendations outlined in three of the District’s public documents to Courageous Conversations About Race—a source of equity PD the District is currently implementing. The research team collected and analyzed data from public documents using a combination of document analysis methods. The research team triangulated the findings to identify recommendations for the District in implementing PD that will help it to meet its goal in providing equitable education for all students, especially those who are currently furthest from educational justice.