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College of Nursing

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Alic Shook


Amanda Heffernan


One of the greatest barriers to healthcare faced by the transgender and nonbinary (TGNB) population is the lack of access to providers who are knowledgeable in providing safe, appropriate, and gender-affirming care. LGBT education for most nursing baccalaureate nursing programs contains only 2.12 hours of LGBT-related content in their curricula, with even less time specifically devoted to transgender health topics. One foundational intervention for addressing healthcare disparities among the TGNB population is to provide better and more inclusive education for nurses about gender-affirming care. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to design, implement, and evaluate an interactive educational intervention to educate forensic nurse examiners about TGNB health disparities and health needs. Pre- and post- implementation surveys were collected from participants (n= 16) to measure change in attitudes, knowledge, and skills. These survey results were coded into these three categories, each measured as an aggregate. While there was no overall statistical significance found among the attitude, knowledge, and skills categories, there were individual questions addressing specific areas of knowledge and skills (e.g., TGNB local resources, reproductive health, gender dysphoria, and gender-affirming care) that showed significant improvement.