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Case Study

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Ken Workman; Michael Tulee


Susan Kunimatsu


The Fort Lawton occupation in 1970 is a story well known amongst the Native American community in the Pacific Northwest. Against the odds, Bernie Whitebear, members of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (UIATF), and their supporters were able to secure land in Discovery Park, bordering Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, for the cultural center. From that historical event came the construction of Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. Daybreak Star gives Native people from many tribes a place to embrace their culture and keep the legacies of their ancestors alive. The cultural center is the culmination of a history of overcoming trials and tribulations to create a gathering place for a community of people that have been overlooked and displaced for years.

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Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

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Venue/Facility; Presenter; Events/Festivals; Community Development; Social Service

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Multidisciplinary, Heritage