Cataloging [Between the Brackets]: Recent Discoveries on Seattle University's "Codex, ca. 12th-14th Century" and How to Document Them

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For nearly fifty years, this tiny medieval codex—written in highly abbreviated Latin, lacking a title page and of uncertain provenance—has remained uncataloged and undiscoverable in Seattle University’s Lemieux Library. Thanks to the recent work of two determined researchers, the contents of the codex are now known and plausible explanations for its origins and history of ownership can be made.

This exhibit presents the first codicological analysis of the manuscript, undertaken by me, a University of Washington MLIS candidate. Though my main objective has been to determine the facts of the production and early use of the document, I will also discuss the challenges of cataloging an item about which so little is definitively known. My hope is that this work will advance the online discoverability of the codex and increase its availability to researchers.