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Case Study

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Evan Easthope; Shannon Bodrogi


Susan Kunimatsu


Under the radar, overlooked by guidebooks, neglected by city governments, ignored by mainstream arts institutions, and perhaps in a garage or living room in your neighborhood, is a secret world of community and music. The acronym DIY (Do It Yourself) describes and defines spaces that offer an artistic home to creative outsiders: artists and audiences marginalized by age, race, class, gender preference, or any number of markers of unconventionality. Often found in under-utilized commercial or industrial buildings in less-desirable neighborhoods, viewed as degenerate or even dangerous, these spaces are nevertheless vital incubators in the cultural life in Seattle, the Bay Area, New York, and cities worldwide. This paper offers an ethnography of a vital organism of cultural infrastructure that is often overlooked.

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Teen Dance Ordinance; Vera Project; Joint Artists & Music Promotions Action Committee

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Arts Policy

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Music, Dance