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Kathryn Bollich

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Kathryn Bollich

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Megan Royce


Dream recollection is understood predominantly only in theory. The current study sought to find associations between dream recall, sleep quality, and short-term memory. The data was collected from 205 participants who completed an online survey that included a dream recall measure, a sleep quality scale, and a short-term memory test. Standard linear regressions were run to analyze the relationships between sleep quality and dream recall, as well as sleep quality and short-term memory. A hierarchical multiple regression was run controlling for age and sleep quality, as well as for dream recall and short-term memory. A relationship was found between age and short-term memory. Sleep quality had no influence on short-term memory or dream recall. Dream recall did not yield an impact on short-term memory. The results displayed no positive relationship between the three variables. These findings are mostly inconsistent with previous research, which indicates that there is an irregular relationship between dream recall frequency, sleep quality, and short-term memory.