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Latin America


This paper analyzes the role of the Guatemalan government in reducing the rates of violence against women and argues for the implementation and enforcement of prevention strategies by the government. Guatemala has some of the highest rates of femicide and general violence against women worldwide. As a result, the government has been heavily criticized both within Guatemala and internationally with regard to its efforts towards eliminating this issue. The United Nations states that “States have clear obligations under international law to enact, implement and monitor legislation addressing all forms of violence against women” (United Nations, 2010), and therefore the government of Guatemala has the responsibility of providing support and solutions for its female citizens. Government efforts have been prioritizing the creation of legislation and support programs to aid women after violence has already taken place. However, there is a need for the prevention of violence against women to be emphasized from the government, as this is what will educate society on the value of women and prevent further cases of violence against women from occurring in the first place.