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Case Study

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Francine Seders, Sheila Farr, Barbara Earl Thomas


Susan Kunimatsu


The Francine Seders Gallery was an important player in the Seattle art scene from the 1960s until its close in 2013. Seders ran her gallery with a low key, unintimidating sales approach, welcoming artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, and students to her space to indulge in the enjoyment of the art. The Francine Seders Gallery represented well-known, established, and developing artists such as Jacob Lawrence, Michael Spafford, Mark Tobey, Barbara Earl Thomas, Marita Dingus, and Alan Lau. Years later, the Francine Seders Gallery is remembered as an industry standard, as many gallerists continue to seek her advice and influence.

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Francine Seders Gallery

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For Profit Business

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Arts Presenter/Distributor (any artistic discipline)

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Visual Arts