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College of Nursing

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Alise Owens


Janiece DeSocio


Adolescents in the United States may go unscreened for mental health disorders, such as depression, despite current recommendations. This population has an increased use of urgent care clinics (UCC) for their acute and primary care needs, where they might not be screened for depression at regular intervals. This project looked at determining the feasibility of implementing a two-question depression screener in the urgent care setting – the PHQ-2. Additional aims were to increase screening rates and to determine barriers to screening. Healthcare providers at a pediatric urgent care setting used the PHQ-2 to screen all adolescent patients over a two-week period. Data from a retrospective chart review showed an increase in overall screening rates and identification rates of depression in this population. Barriers to screening included wait time, confusion, patient saturation, and decreased care for acute complaint. Data from the post intervention questionnaire showed that further research will be needed in order to determine the feasibility of implementing the PHQ-2 in the UCC setting.

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