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College of Nursing

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Elizabeth Gabzdyl


Kelly McBroom


The focus of this project utilizes patient recommendations for LGBT-inclusive intake practices to increase provider confidence in communication with LGBT patients using pre-and post-survey data comparing provider confidence before and after a 20-minute video education session. LGBT-inclusive provider education has been shown to be deficient if not nonexistent in most educational settings, yet, LGBT individuals have increased risk of negative health disparities, violence, and discrimination. Research examining the ability for small changes in provider education to enable positive health outcomes for this vulnerable and marginalized population is imperative for the quality of life of these communities. A quasi-experimental design utilized pre- and post-surveys to gather data on provider confidence before and after a recorded, LGBT-inclusive education session. Statistically significant increases in provider confidence were seen for 70% of the instrument items. This project highlights both the lack of LGBT-inclusive provider practice as well as LGBT patients’ awareness of the lack of provider education through their own experiences. Results in this project show that minimal changes to provider education can be made to increase the inclusivity of graduating providers practice and ultimately improve the quality of life for LGBT individuals.

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