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College of Nursing

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Project Mentor

Jonnae Tillman


Michael Huggins


Suicide is a growing public health crisis and there is an increasing need for skilled medical professionals educated to triage patients experiencing suicidality. Most of the training available for triage and resource utilization is offered to professionals already working in a behavioral health discipline. Given the increasing prevalence of suicide and depression, individuals experiencing mental health crises face reduced access to specialized care, complicated referral processes, and exceedingly long waitlists. In response, they are seen with increasing frequency in primary care settings where nurses are not as prepared to manage their needs appropriately. The aim of this project was to determine if a training improved nurse knowledge and confidence related to suicide triage. Results showed the intervention did improve knowledge and confidence of primary care nurses in triaging patients experiencing suicidal ideation, thus increasing the likelihood patients will receive triage and resources.