Consolidated Works, under the leadership of Matthew Richter and Meg Shiffler, opened in 1999 in former warehouses in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle. This inter-and multidisciplinary arts center hosted theater, film, visual art, music, lectures and events in a space integrating an art gallery, a theater, a cinema, an event hall, and several studio spaces. With the impending loss of the lease on their 29,000-foot space owned by Vulcan Real Estate, and after an internal restructuring, Consolidated Works shut down in 2006.

  • Primary Form of Entity: Nonprofit
  • Primary Artistic Discipline: Multidisciplinary Arts
  • Primary Areas of Activity: Producer/Creator, Presenter/Distributor, Services for Artists, Venue/Facility


Case Studies


The Rise and Fall of Consolidated Works and the Arts in South Lake Union, Cay Lane