Black Arts/West is recognized as Seattle’s first Black theater with three core programs: theater, dance, and an art gallery. Started in 1969 by Douglas Q. Barnett, Black Arts/West developed as a division of the Central Area Motivation Program (CAMP) and was supported by the Seattle Model Cities program. It closed in 1980 having gained national recognition for excellence in producing and presenting Black theater. Black Arts/West served as the foundation for the creation of Nu Black Arts West Theatre, under the direction of Kibibi Monié.

  • Primary Form of Entity: Nonprofit
  • Primary Artistic Discipline: Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts, Folk/Traditional/Heritage Arts
  • Primary Areas of Activity: Arts in Social Service/Social Justice, Arts in Community Development, , Producer/Creator, Venue/Facility


Case Studies


Black Arts/West: A Theater Without a Home, Adetola Abatan